"In 1989, my father built a canoe out of a redwood log. The canoe was a symbol of life as it was used to fish out of and to ferry people across river, lagoon and ocean. It was also used as a ceremonial canoe in the White Deer Skin Dance. The log that was used was a bit damaged, and soon after completion a crack began to develop. Over the next 17 years, the crack worsened. Eventually, it reached 16 feet, out of 18 feet. At this time, it was deemed a safety hazard. Instead of throwing such a special piece away, several people decided to take on the task of repairing the canoe for others to enjoy for years to come. Originally, we planned to restore the canoe and never actually put it in the water again, but thanks to Gorilla Glue, our whole vision changed. Through an extensive process, we were able to repair the crack with 150 redwood dowels and a lot of Gorilla Glue. Thank you for making such a wonder product. I just can't get over the strength that Gorilla Glue has, it is amazing. We were able to extend the life of a condemned canoe and now it is used every year during the Brush Dance held by the Yurok Tribe at Patrick's Point State Park in Northern California. Thanks."