"I just returned from a dive trip that went out to Cocos Island, located off the Costa Rican Pacific Coast. This expedition was offered by a non-profit organization that is conducting shark research. The research conducted on this trip involved studying shark behavior by anchoring receivers to the ocean floor at several shark cleaning locations and then actually tagging hammerhead sharks with transmitters. The idea is to pick up the transmitter signals from the tagged sharks when they are in the area of the receivers. On this trip we also recovered receivers, downloaded data, and changed out the batteries since they had been under water 6-10 months between servicing. The reason I am writing is because they use Gorilla Tape to protect the receivers from barnacle build up. They wrap the receivers in tape so the barnacles grow on the tape and not the body of the receiver, insuring that the data access port remains clean and they can easily open the unit up. The picture to the left is someone unwrapping the tape from the receivers that had been underwater for eight months! I was amazed the tape held. I wanted you all to know about this application and organization and how Gorilla Tape is helping them out. Thanks."