"My father and I built a clock using 300 beer bottles and Gorilla Glue. The clock was built at Stanley Clockworks, which is a father and son operation that makes fine and unusual clocks. The clock is now on display at the National Association of Watch and Clock Collector's Museum in Columbia, PA. The Bottle Clock took five months to build. It is 20 feet long and its biggest gear is 5 foot in diameter with 300 intermeshing beer bottles. The time is read from left to right: hours (red), minutes (blue), and seconds (yellow). We washed and cleaned the bottles from the local recycling center and fitted them with a bolt we had turned down to fit the neck of the bottle. We attached the bolt to the bottle using epoxy. However, we found that the epoxy set too quickly and I couldn't get many bolts attached on the bottles without constantly remixing. We turned to Gorilla Glue because we didn't have to mix the glue and could do as many bottles as we wanted, put the cap on, then come back and do more when we were ready. The clock is pretty impressive and it wouldn't been so great without Gorilla."