"Our family drives the Alaska Highway every year. This past year, the road was the worst we have seen in twenty years. The travels were rough on our RV and we had to make some repairs along the way. The skin of our door came off, so we got a bit creative and made a design out of the Gorilla Tape-it was functional, and somewhat decorative! On the front, we had to use both Gorilla Glue and Gorilla Tape to patch some holes in the metal. We also used both the glue and the tape on the side seams that had begun to split. While we might have been a site on the road, we were happy to be moving. Without a doubt, Gorilla saved our trip from our home in Oregon to Alaska, all 3200 miles. We would have been out a lot of time and money had we not had Gorilla Glue and Tape with us. So, thank you for your great products. They saved our trip and we’ve told everyone about it. We’ll never travel without a nice stock of both. Thanks again!"