"My dad and I set out to break the world speed record for an Electric Styrofoam Radio Controlled Airplane. Once we passed the 100 mph mark, strength became a major issue. The glues available at the hobby store were not up to the task. Most of the stronger glues that we tested, either melted Styrofoam, or didn’t adhere one of the many components that we were using for strengthening very thin Styrofoam parts. Our first experience with Gorilla glue was the Dries White polyurethane. We were adding carbon fiber rods to very thin Styrofoam wings in hopes of making them strong enough to withstand 100+ Mph stresses. The amazing glue not only adhered to both mediums, but actually hardened and strengthened the Styrofoam near the glue sight! Soon we found uses for other Gorilla Glue products. We found that painting Gorilla Super Glue on soft plastic parts would make them ridged without becoming brittle. The original Gorilla Glue could bond the wooden motor mount to the plastic body of the plane without the use of screws or any other kind of fastener. We had several flight structural failures before trying Gorilla Glue. They all ended the same way. The powerful engine that was required for these high speeds literally pulled this airplane apart in mid air. We were able to solve this problem and more, thanks to Gorilla Glue, it’s wonderful properties and it's incredible strength. Many tries, and a lot of Gorilla Glue later, we’ve culminated with the SF8. It’s fast, it’s strong and it’s a blast to fly. We refined this scratch built plane for over a years time. We would like to thank Gorilla Glue for its contribution to this beautiful, fast and strong airplane." -David Melnick