"This story features Gorilla Tape being used to connect water rockets to their launch pads! (These water rockets are usually made from plastic soft drink bottles and are used to teach the principles of aeronautics as well as to entertain!). 250 water rockets were launched simultaneously on June 19th, 2009 in an attempt to win a world record! This took place in The Netherlands and we are eagerly awaiting the results! This is certainly not something we hear about everyday! Now read on... There are some jobs where plain duct tape just isn't enough. In water rocketry it is always difficult to attach the tie-wraps that hold the water rockets securely in place. The connection has to be able to survive the pulling force of around 45 to 175 psi caused by the pressurized rocket. It also has to be able to survive the damage caused by jets of water being propelled from the rockets which normally cause the tape's adhesive to dissolve. The tape keeping the rockets in place has to cope with this pressure and water damage launch after launch. Then we discovered Gorilla Tape, which serves perfectly for the connection. Last year we performed a test using 102 water rockets, and thanks to the toughness of Gorilla Tape, we didn't have any issues with the tie-wrap connection!"

-Boyan S.