"I wanted to say that Gorilla Glue saved me a bunch of money and time. I'm not sure how it happened, but I was on vacation and the transducer for my graph on the back of my boat broke off. There wasn't a shop that had a replacement transducer, and buying a new graph wasn't in my budget. Musky fishing without a graph is impossible. I took off the transducer and it broke at a section that was less than half an inch. I applied some Gorilla Glue, let it set for a couple hours, and the darn thing held for the entire week! The transducer was in the water for the whole vacation. My boat goes about 35mph, so the water pressure was applying directly to the the transducer. I am absolutely amazed that it held. Gorilla Glue never disappoints! Musky fishing without a graph would have been next to impossible, not to mention dangerous driving on that lake. Excellent product!"

-Jim Lupe