"A group of us went to Old Forge, NY, to spend the weekend in this quaint old town and also visit the water park there. Around 6 PM on Friday evening, it started to rain - slow at first, but soon it was a steady downpour. My awning is about 12 or 15 years old and has many small holes in it. Consequently, we all got quite wet under it. The next day, my buddy came on our site to show me the radar on his phone - heavy rain was headed our way again! I decided to try and do something with our awning to keep us drier than the night before. I had purchased a roll of Gorilla Tape from the Hardware Store that afternoon to keep in my camper. My nephew and I began to tape up the holes in my 19’ awning using the roll I had plus half a roll my brother in-law had in his camper. We finished just as it started to sprinkle, and within 20 minutes it started to pour. It lasted into the early morning. We stayed up and played cards until 11 pm and never once had a drop of rain come through the awning. The tape is one great product!"

-Steve Gladstone