“Several years ago, my son was learning to play guitar. We were getting ready to leave his Grandparents' house and I had him set his guitar behind my SUV until I could load it in the back. In the distraction of getting ready to leave, I forgot about the guitar and threw the vehicle in reverse. After a sickening realization of what the pop was I heard next, I went back to find his acoustic guitar case crushed and the neck of the guitar broken at about the second fret. After a few frantic ‘what do I do now’ moments, I grabbed a bottle of Gorilla Glue and a clamp. After allowing the glue to cure, I removed the clamp and slowly tightened the strings until it was in tune. To my relief, the neck held. The guitar held tuning perfectly. I still get grief from my family for the incident sometimes, but I didn't have to buy a new guitar. Thanks, Gorilla!”